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Project Summary

This project consists of 118,000 total SF of tenant renovation to an existing two‐ story building in Santa Clara, CA. The existing building systems will be modified to accommodate the relocation of the Abbott Hematology operation, including approximately 70,000 SF of general office space, 12,000 SF of Bio-Hazard Lab space, and 36,000 SF of general electronic labs, lab support, fitness center, cafeteria and miscellaneous spaces.

Sustainability Goal: USGBC LEED Silver Certification.

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Virtual Commissioning
 was the first firm in the United States to receive the CBCF Certified Building Commissioning Firm certification.




Commissioning Summary

New Systems

  • 1 HVAC Rooftop Unit
  • 2 CRAC HVAC units w/CUs
  • 7 Exhaust Fans
  • 24 Dual Duct Terminal Boxes
  • HW/Boiler Pump
  • Domestic HW System
  • Lighting Control System
  • Server Room
  • Generator
  • ATSs/UPSs
  • Laboratory Air
  • Fume Hoods
  • Environmental Chamber
  • Cold Room
  • Building Automation System

Existing Systems

  • AH-1/CU-1 through 3
  • Furnace 1 through 3
  • EF-1, 3, 5
  • Kitchen Exhaust
  • AC-1 through AC-7
  • AC-6K, 7K
  • AC-7K
  • Dual Duct VAV Boxes

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Construction Phase

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Latest Updates

VirtualCx serves as the project's cloud-based site for managing the commissioning process. Highly transparent and intuitive, the site allows unlimited users - including the owner, design and construction teams. Users can review - and close - their own issues. Team members are also able to manage and upload their own commissioning-related documents.

VirtualCx requires a username and password.

Commissioning Updates

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Note: the above links are confidential except to authorized members of this project. 

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