Holistic Commissioning

The holistic approach to commissioning

The commissioning process is the mechanism to help ensure that the interface between the trades is working properly. It affects all dynamically operated components, equipment, systems, and features as well as the environmental performance aspects of selected static materials and systems.

At its core, the Commissioning Authority (CxA) brings valuable systems knowledge to the project. The difference lies in viewing the systems as a whole, rather than solely seeing installed equipment as their individual component parts. It's the ability to think both in macro and micro terms, including the ability to visualize how various systems react and interact with each other.

This somewhat zen-like approach extends beyond built up systems, and can affect thinking on a much larger scale. Just as a LEED project encourages the entire team to think in greener, more sustatainble terms, the team can also adopt a more holistic approach to problem solving, often implementing proactive initiatives, independent of the CxA, on commissioned projects.

During the testing phase, an excellent opportunity for O&M staff training can also occur by allowing maintenance staff to participate in the testing. Exposure to the test procedures can help create a more holistic systems perspective for the O&M team, providing invaluable training and an improved turn over process - particularly if the O&M team has been involved early in the project instead of only at the very last minute.

Def. Holistic: relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts.