LEED Audits of Commissioning

 Plan Early for LEED Commissioning


  Lessons learned from a recent LEED commissioning audit


  • Part and parcel of winning a U.S. Green Building Council LEED certification is the auditing of submittal materials to ensure compliance with certification requirements. Unlike an IRS audit, this doesn't have to be a heartache.

  • Certification is evaluated on a point system based on a total of 69 possible points and seven mandatory prerequisites. The owner and design team can choose the strategies they want to include in the building to achieve the points required for certification (26 points minimum). The LEED reference guide requires documentation to be submitted as proof that the green techniques were used.

  • The "audit" consists of a request for, and review of, information above and beyond the minimum required in the LEED reference guide. The LEED review process consists of an initial 30-day review and a final three week review; credits are marked for auditing during the initial 30-day review. Many projects contain credits from both v2.0 and v2.1 of the LEED programs.

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