"Easy" Money: Retrocommissioning

HVAC systems account for the majority of building operating costs. By concentrating on the performance of these systems, retrocommissioning can target the “low-hanging fruit” that can make the RetroCx process well worth the investment.

Common HVAC system problems identified during the initial stages of RetroCx include:


  • Cooling/heating running at the same time

  • Schedules, optimum start and night setback being ignored

  • Loose fan belts

  • Leaking valves

  • Balancing valves that are not functioning properly

  • Thermostats and sensors that are out of calibration

  • Improper setpoints

  • Variable-air-volume boxes that are not working properly

  • Economizer sequences that are not working as designed

  • Controls sequences that are functioning incorrectly

  • Manual overrides of automated controls

Addressing these problems can quickly reduce a building’s energy use.

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