What architects should know about commissioning

Ideally, owners should let the architects know upfront that they will have the building commissioned.

This is also true on LEED projects. Basic commissioning and enhanced commissioning are LEED points toward certification.

“Typically, it’s the architect who controls the budget, so when you have a commissioning firm involved, you need to allow a little bit of extra time for your engineering team for a couple of extra reviews," says Roger Wigfield, an energy systems manager and manager of Washington State’s building commissioning program. "You [also] have to make sure the contractor understands the owner has a building commissioning program and is going to have the systems tested so that the contractor can build in any costs.”

The keys are communicating the intent early on, so that “nobody is complaining at the end that they didn’t have the proper budget or didn’t know that this was going to happen.”

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