LEED Commissioning - Activities Overview

Fundamental Commissioning

According to USGBC, fundamental building systems commissioning activities include all of the following:

• A Commissioning Authority (CA) must be assigned to the project. CA may not be part of the design or construction teams, although he/she may be employed by either the design or construction firm.
• CA collects and reviews design intent and basis of design documentation developed by the design team.
• CA insures commissioning requirements are included in the construction documents.
• CA develops and implements a commissioning plan.
• CA verifies installation, oversees functional testing, coordinates training, and documents the building meets the design intent.
• CA provides a commissioning report after the building is occupied.

Additional Commissioning

USGBC includes the following activities under additional commissioning:

• CA conducts a focus review of the design before the design team begins to develop the construction documents.
• CA conducts a second focus review when construction documents are near substantial completion.
• CA reviews a select number of equipment submittals.
• CA develops a re-commissioning management manual.
• CA conducts a follow-up, post occupancy, review of the building before the equipment warranties expire (typically one to two years after occupancy begins).