Commissioning Phasing Activities




Duration / Order


Review and Planning

Owner’s Project Requirements-OPR

Basis of Design (BOD)

Develop early

Follows OPR


DD & CD reviews

Examine Design/Construction Documents & Submittals


Prior to ordering / installation


Develop Commissioning Plan

Commissioning Kickoff Meeting

As soon as possible

After construction begins


Develop Functional Test Procedures

Prior to installation completion


Site Observations

Observe Construction Progress / Quality

Ongoing during construction

Preparation for


Control System Point-to-Point Check

On installation completion


System Start-up

CA to witness as required


Pre-functional Test Checklists

aka System Readiness Forms; also

submit start-up forms/checklists

On completion of start-up and point to point, can be concurrent with TAB


Test, Adjust, and Balance

After start-up & controls


Review TAB preliminary report

Immediately after TAB


TAB Verification by CA

Typically 10-20% samples


Notice of Readiness by contractor

After start-up and TAB

Functional Performance


Execute Test Procedures

CA writes; contracting team executes

After Notice of Readiness and Pre-test doc’s received

Post Occupancy

Documentation Processing 

Executive Summary

In final report


Executed Test Procedures

In final report


Commissioning Issues Log

In final report


Lesson’s Learned

In final report

Final Reviews

Review Final TAB Report

Following construction


Review O&M Manuals & as-builts

On completion and receipt


Training Agenda reviews

Receive course sign-offs


Seasonal testing/warranty review

3-10 mo. after occupancy