2008 Beijing Green Olympics: Future House USA

What prompted the Chinese Government to initiate the Future House Community Project?

In addressing their role as one of the largest greenhouse gas emitters in the world, China's Ministry of Construction, PRC, commissioned this demonstration project titled "Future House", to showcase the most advanced sustainable energy building practices, on a world stage. This 'demonstration community' is specifically intended to address China's growing energy concerns and will use the 2008 Green Olympics as a platform to inform and educate.
As the first international sustainable energy community, Future House is breaking new ground by uniting ten countries from around the world in the common goal of environmental responsibility and ecological forethought in advancing the art of home building. Future House USA will represent the United States in this endeavor. Other counties involved include, Germany, Japan, Spain, Sweden, South Korea, England, Italy, Norway and China.

As China moves forward into the next decade, they are planning for the construction of over 100 million homes and the production of 120 million more automobiles to meet their present day goal of modernizing their country and stepping forward to participate in global economic activities. To give a comparison, the United States presently has 109 million homes and 240 million automobiles. So, China intends that within the next decade, they will build an equivalent to another United States worth of houses, and manufacture half the amount of automobiles currently in the U.S!

The Future House demonstration community will present modern technologies, based on advanced building science, high energy efficiency materials, sustainable energy systems, as well as non-toxic building products and practices, all intended to assure that future home construction will be energy efficient and healthy to both its' homeowners and environment. The goal of the Future House Teams, is to creatively and co-operatively address this global demand that we, collectively as human kind, are placing on raw materials, natural resources, and our environment as a whole.

What are the physical specifications of Future House USA?

The house is 3,200 square feet / 297 square meters, excluding the garage. This is broken down as follows: The Main floor is 2531 s.f./ 235 s.m. The Upper floor area is 669 s.f./ 235 s.m. The garage area is 656 s.f. /61 s.m. Future House USA will consist of four bedrooms, and four bathrooms. The east side of the house will be two stories high, and the west side is a single story with an elevated ceiling.

What types of features will Future House USA have?
 Future House USA employs an advanced design which integrates the architectural style and innovation of Frank Lloyd Wright with the Chinese practice of Feng-Shui. This approach harmonizes the home into the rhythms of the surrounding landscape, thus creating a refreshingly smooth flow of air and light.

The USA Future House design represents the latest in sustainable energy and non-toxic technologies; clothed in a tried and true, award winning, US design style. Interior area fluidity is enhanced by minimization of interior walls. Open and multi-tiered interior rooms feature much natural light, regally high ceilings, and are all finished with Chinese indigenous materials.

There has never been a house like FHUSA before!

• Zero Net Energy Home - Using the energy stored in the ground under the back yard (groundsource energy) and the sunlight falling on the southern roof area (photovoltaic and solar thermal energy) FHUSA represents the state of the art as a self - sustainable, healthy home system. Officially known as a Zero Net Energy Home.

• Zero Carbon Footprint - Because the FHUSA creates, on-site, all of the energy that it uses annually, it's operational carbon footprint is zero!

• Non-toxic - Only user friendly, non toxic materials, adhesives, and laminates are used in FHUSA. No formaldehyde and no/low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Also, Future HouseUSA will integrate products and features that will eliminate off-gassing, reducing municipal water utilization and a storm water management system.

• High Energy Performance - A completely balanced space conditioning system within a hi performance structure, combine to maximize comfort, minimize monthly energy bills, and accentuate environmental stewardship!

FHUSA, with it's unique Home Biology 101 approach, integrates energy efficiency, indoor air quality, water conservation, municipal water consumption, and indoor air quality into quite literally, the House of the Future!

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