What is a Green Living Workshop?

Want to start one in your town or village? Read on about how it works in Santa Monica, California.

A Green Living Workshop consists of ten - fifteen individuals who meet once a week for six weeks to learn about concepts of sustainability. The crew meeting, or sustainable living workshop, lasts an hour and a half.

We meet at locations all around Santa Monica and are happy to arrange a workshop in your neighborhood!

During the crew meetings our participants learn how to incorporate sustainable practices into their everyday lifestyles, improve their quality of life, and save money while saving resources.

Our Sustainable WorksBook is a comprehensive and up to date resource guide that provides valuable information and recommendations in six resource areas. Each chapter increases one's understanding of the local, regional, and global environmental impact of their daily choices.

Our program helps residents:

  • divert solid waste through recycling

  • become water efficient

  • eliminate toxic chemicals

  • minimize transportation impacts

  • reduce energy use

  • and learn to make better consumer choices

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