Data Center Commissioning - Scripting

Prior to the integrated testing of equipment, a comprehensive test script must be created. Scripting is important because it provides a time-sequenced and order-based roadmap for testing all key data center elements. The script also captures a record of all the test results. By following the script, the commissioning team can observe and validate how each physical infrastructure component influences the operation of linked components.

The scripting is usually performed by the independent commissioning organization. If a company or owner chooses not to engage in an independent commissioning agent, then the design engineer or the construction company can perform the scripting process. The master script is developed over the entire length of the construction process and refined for each physical infrastructure element.

Scripting must first validate that all subsystems are tested using the manufacturer's start-up process. Vendors of the various component subsystems should provide start-up documentation and have it added to the script well in advance of the commissioning dates. Regular scripting meetings should be held prior to the actual commissioning date. At these meetings, the general scripting progress is reviewed and revised for each physical infrastructure subsystem. When all independent subsystems have been scripted, they are incorporated into a cohesive system script.

Once the various start-ups are validated and the assorted scripting documents are in order, the integrated testing process can begin.

The above was excerpted from an APC White Paper, "Data Center Projects: Commissioning," by Paul Marcoux