Advanced Lighting Retrofit Options

Lighting systems still represent a large slice of the building energy pie. Many important new lighting products have come to market in the past few years, and several trends have been converging which open up significant new energy savings opportunities for energy and facility managers. The full scope of these new trends and technology options, including fixture retrofit, controls and more, will be explored in-depth in this program presented by two recognized retrofit lighting experts.

With the wealth of new lighting technologies and products now being offered to boost energy savings and improve workplaces, there are often so many options, it can be difficult to choose the right ones. This program will help you to sort out which new products may be best for your specific applications, as well as guide you through all of the factors which must be considered in order to achieve the best possible results.

In addition to lamps and fixtures, the availability of simpler controls through improved technology, as well as the implementation of stricter building codes, are important contributors to new energy and cost-saving opportunities for facilities. The choice today is really not whether to install lighting controls, but which controls to install. This program will help you make the best choices.

The instructors have designed this program specifically with the goal of providing useful information which you can readily apply for immediate results. Case histories, best practices, and mistakes to avoid will also be discussed.

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INSTRUCTORS: John Fetters, C.E.M., C.L.E.P., and Stan Walerczyk, L.C., C.L.E.P.
FEES (per participant):
$895, regular / $845, AEE member, non-profit org.