PG&E Commissioning Test Protocol Library

As part of a commissioning related market transformation program, Pacific Gas and Electric’s (PG&E) Customer Energy Management New Construction unit has developed of a library of commissioning test protocols. PG&E believes that the building commissioning process as outlined in ASHRAE Guideline 1-1996, when properly applied to buildings, can result in buildings with superior systems, efficiency, and occupant comfort. PG&E is interested in promoting the commissioning process among its customers and believes that a library of well-written, cost-effective verification check and functional test protocols that includes a template to produce new ones is needed by the commissioning industry. Our long-term objective is to help create a readily accessible library of verification check and functional test protocols archived in an updateable informational database. For owners and providers new to commissioning, the library helps reduce the amount of work required to fully and adequately commission a building and its systems, thereby streamlining the process. For experienced owners and commissioning practitioners, the library provides a state of the art source for procedures. The library also provides insight into the best practice currently available, aiding all parties interested in commissioning.

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