Irvine schools find it isn't easy going green

District wants students to compete to cut energy costs, but first needs to get utility on board.

IRVINE Educators say a race to cut back energy usage among local schools could teach students about the cost of wasted electricity, but only if utility companies speed up their own "green" efforts.

The idea for a friendly competition among students to see who can reduce energy use at their respective schools is the latest in an ambitious Irvine Unified campaign to "go green." But Irvine Unified officials still need Southern California Edison's help to get the up-to-date energy usage info needed to get the effort under way.

"The idea is to create some level of healthy competition to see who is conserving their energy better, and to get kids involved to show them how little changes can go a long way to save costs," Irvine Unified School Board member Mike Parham said.

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