Commissioning in Japan - Building Services Commissioning Association

In the event the global environment issue becoming critical, the life-cycle quality assurance of the HVAC and other building services systems during the building design, construction, and maintenance is most important in order to realize energy saving with the constraint of reasonable indoor air quality.

As everyone knows, it has also become an important subject in our country from the viewpoint of securing sustainable social stock and transforming into recycling society.

To secure the higher quality of an architecture and the building services systems for any new construction as well as existing building, it has been recognized that a commissioning process, through which the quality of energy and environmental performance are defined, documented, verified, tested and monitored through phases of programming, design, construction testing and adjusting and operation and maintenance, plays a decisive role.

Commissioning of a new building is the process of defining building owner’s project requirements on the indoor environment and energy performances, managing the process to realize thus defined performances through the design, construction and operation phases by check-and-review, verification, documentation, functional performance tests, staff training and seasonal performance verification, and thus advising building owners to accept operational systems and fulfill their social obligation as well.

Application of this process should result in a hygienic, healthy and comfortable indoor environment that was requested by the building owner, by which the areal and global environmental protection through energy saving and reduction of environmental load.such as heat and global warming will be realized. Usability and sustainability of buildings will also be established.

We established the (NPO) Building Services Commissioning Association, the BSCA, in August, 2004, in order to solicit Japanese society for this urgent problem and to prepare engineering infrastructure in response to social requirements, which was motivated by the issue of “The Guideline of Building Services Commissionig Process” from the Society of Heationg, Air-Conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japan, SHASE. Our activity aims at propagation of the commissioning process over the construction society of Japan, that is, building owners, building services design and construction engineers and technicians, operation and maintenance engineers, at establishments of standard documentation ad technical tools for commissioning process, and at training and education of commissioning engineers.

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