Sustainable Airport Environments Europe 2009


15 to 16 September 2009   Frankfurt, Germany 

Last autumn, the aviation industry was under siege from volatile fuel prices, less than favourable trading conditions and the spectre of new regulations in Europe. With that backdrop, the first Sustainable Airport Environments Conference was held at Heathrow. Over 120 senior aviation professionals, three major sponsors and a number of exhibitors and supporters mixed and mingled to produce a landmark event.

It seems a long time ago. Between now and this coming September, economic recovery may become as real as some suggest. Fuel prices may be maintaining a Zen-like stability and passenger numbers may improve if the flu threat proves less alarming than alarmist.

What is certain is that concern over global warming will not have receded one jot. The industry’s on-going response will continue to attract attention out of all proportion to its “guilt”. It’s not going away. So we can’t. So you can’t!

But listen. The whispers of Sustainability Specialists have grown into a chorus.The tune is rousing and the sentiment is that sustainability is good for business. Not as a PR designed defense mechanism but as an SOP to deliver efficiencies, improve working practice and, oh yes, save the planet too.

The conference is intended to be practical not political. It is the fundamental principle of the event that sustainability will be fostered and achieved not by committees or pressure groups but by you and your colleagues – the experts in the field. So it is with great pleasure that we have linked up with Fraport AG as your host to produce Sustainable Airport Environments 2009 this September.

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