Great Britain: Commercial Energy Performance Certificates

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC's) are now required for all Domestic and Commercial property either for sale, lease and rental. An Energy Performance Certificate is issued by a qualified and accredited independent energy assessor. For home sellers the Energy Certificate is included in the Home Information Pack as part of the home sale process.


There are some Commercial Buildings which are exempt from having an EPC:

  • Places of Worship (e.g a church, mosque, chapel etc)
  • Temporary Buildings In Use For Less Than 2 Years (Portable Buildings and Site Buildings used for construction purposes)
  • Low Energy Demand Buildings (example Farm Outbuildings, Barns and Sheds)
  • Buildings Less Than 50 sq m. (Small outbuildings like Sheds or Summer Houses), In general, commercial premises are exempt that are less than 50 sq m Internal Area.

More recently the EPC requirement has been extended to the commercial property market. This website can help a home seller, landlord or commercial valuation companies locate inspectors, surveyors and EPC Providers in your local area.

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