A New Way to Manage the Commissioning Issues Log

Current management of the Commissioning Issues Log: 

  • Generally uses MS Excel
  • Goes back and forth between team members - slow responses, long delays
  • Can take quite a bit of time for the CxA to sit down and update
  • Newest version not always distributed to everyone
  • Commissioning Authority usually is the only person who can close an Issue 

VirtualCx manages the Cx Issues Log a bit differently: 

  • Cloud-based
  • Anyone can see it, at any time
  • Easy and quick to update
  • One or more people/parties can be assigned to a single issue
  • Files or pictures can be attached to the issue
  • Issues can be prioritized as Low, Medium and High Priority
  • Issues can be classified as Open, Closed or Percent Complete
  • Comment section
  • Due dates can be assigned
  • Automatic notification of upcoming or past due completion dates
  • Easy to distribute - just click on the person's name or send to everyone
  • Can be converted into a PDF or an Excel file
  • Anyone is allowed to close an Issue 

Overview of a VirtualCx Issues LogABOVE: Close-up of the 'summary' view of an Issues Log. Note the % complete task and the colored priority flagsDetail view of VirtualCx Issues Log. The Green in the left column indicates 'Complete' or 'Closed'.