Electronic, remote TAB

Redwood City, CA - I attended a presentation a couple of weeks ago by Evergreen Telemetry. This is a highly impressive product.

Wireless sensors transmit measurements to the Wrist Reporter, which displays a continuous stream of readings.  A technician making an adjustment can see the result in real time, eliminating the need for repeated trips back and forth between the point of control and the point of interest.  Tiny sensors are designed to be placed at the point of interest using a variety of clips, ties, Velcro, and magnets.  They are left to reside in-situ where they perform the desired measurement and transmit results regularly.

"We hope that TAB field time can be reduced by 50%," stated Pete Secor, Chief Technical Officer.

From what I've seen, that seems to be a pretty realistic goal. And, as an added bonus, as if the time savings and increased synchronization of data and accuracy wasn't enough, all data is easily downloaded into a database. Everything about Evergreen's efforts comes across as well thought out, including how their products look and feel: it all comes across as top-notch quality.

We're not really into rating things around here, but this product looks to be 5 stars out of 5; in our opinion - a grand slam home run.

- MW, VirtualCx