Onuma - Open Standard Architecture

Revolutionizing Architecture

ONUMA, Inc. revolutionizes architecture by using integrated solutions built on open standards.

  • We use software that is interoperable
  • We do not hold data hostage in proprietary formats
  • We enable clients to take ownership and become better stewards of their own data
  • When interoperable software does not exist, we build solutions to meet needs

Create a Sustainable Process that is Environmentally Friendly

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Report and The Construction Users Roundtable (CURT) report along with other findings show that the construction industry, including architecture, is inefficient. These reports show as much as 30% waste on efforts due to lack of interoperability.

What Does this Mean?

30% waste in a $20 million project equals $4 million. Huge when all the projects in the world are considered. This $4 million equates to wasted effort and resources, including wasted hours of work, trips in commuting, hauling building materials, delays in projects, etc. Calculating this with how it contributes to global warming, the construction industry's inefficiency makes our profession one of the biggest contributors of global warming. This impacts not only the project but society at large. With diminishing resources and global warming there is no excuse for not reducing and eliminating waste as fast as possible. By acting now, change is possible.

ONUMA, Inc. has consistently looked for ways to reduce waste and become more efficient. Some of these efforts are small while others are linked to what we do as part of our day to day business. It also flows through all the way to the types of solutions we create. We want to have a positive impact on the environment.

How we Accomplish This

  • 50% of our team works at home
  • 30% of the team never comes to the office
  • Our team is encouraged to use mass transit or bike to work
  • We look for opportunities to "not have to travel"
  • We promote virtual meetings when possible (drastically reducing travel)
  • We use project management web sites since 1995 and manage teams virtually, allowing teamwork with clients and consultants
  • We reduce paper and file search time (some projects still require paper, but when possible digital files are generated)
  • We partner with like minded firms and individuals on projects to form virtual teams per project
  • We practice what we preach on the virtues of the integrated practice and how it reduces inefficiencies in the process and projects
  • We spend a large amount of hours per year getting the message out to the industry through presentations and conferences.


ONUMA, Inc. continues to revolutionize architecture. Change is not a popular among the construction industry contemporaries, but we believe the tide is turning and the benefits of thinking outside the box by changing the process is not only becoming the "right thing to do" but the right way to go. Change does have benefits and benefits can yield change that impact the value generated for our clients and society.

2009-10-22 16:48:40