iPad for Business - a New Way to Work

We thought it would be fun to share some iPad apps we use in our commissioning business: 

  • Daily Notes - Used to create Daily Reports on Projects - email results straight from the app.
  • Meeting Mate - Used to create meeting notes - email results straight from the app.
  • Notebooks - We create Weekly Project Forecasts, Site Visits and other project notes - email results straight from the app.
  • TDF Tracker - keep hours, expenses and mileage, on a daily basis - and create monthly expense reports in a PDF.
  • Pocket Informant HD - push Google Calendar to this app. Manage events and tasks.
  • Evernote - handy place to save notes, web pages, links, push emails here and more.
  • Dropbox - Our small team shares an account, which we use for intra-company file-sharing. While we also back up our files locally, Dropbox provides an additional degree of cloud-based backup. You can also share folders/files with clients, and invite clients to deposit files via AirDropper.

We've realized several benefits to using apps:

  • With their low purchase prices, iPad apps are highly affordable for even small businesses.
  • Fast. Note taking is uber-convenient (we sometimes use an Apple wireless keyboard, connected to the iPad via Bluetooth).
  • Send notes straight to email, from within the app. It is amazingly convenient and quick.
  • Stop duplicating your efforts. Why waste time re-copying the notes into a fancy Word document? Just take the notes and send via email from the App, creating prompt distribution - which is much appreciated by clients and fellow team members.