AEE Seminar: 4/12/10 & 6/21/10

Presented online in a series of three live two-hour time modules, this seminar will show you how analyze "smart meter" data using Excel® to gain a clearer understanding of your electrical loads. That information may then be utilized to control and minimize peak demand and energy costs.

You can participate in the seminar from your office, home, or anywhere you have access to the internet and a phone. You'll have opportunities to interact with your instructor and colleagues in real time during the two live teleconferencing sessions. 

This newly updated seminar, delivered by nationally recognized energy expert Lindsay Audin, will show you how to use "smart" meters and the data they produce to cut cost, peak demand, and electricity consumption. You'll learn the specifics of how loads vary over time (in minutes as well as months) and how to use that knowledge to lower electric bills and profit from new utility programs and rates. You will gain a clearer understanding of your electrical loads and how to use Excel to analyze and portray them.