Utah Data Center uses Evaporative Cooling

Salt Lake Tribune, 2/24/10.  Voonami - an Orem company unveiled a huge computing facility in West Valley City on Wednesday, touting it as the greenest in the state and on par with Google's most efficient centers.

Voonami Inc. said soon it will be serving large and small customers from the center at the edge of Interstate 215 with a state-of-the-art facility that uses an old technology to cool it.

Providing the chill is a giant evaporative cooler, similar to swamp coolers that have been in use in dry climates since the beginning of the 20th century. The cooler, along with other engineering innovations, are expected to trim energy costs by 80 percent over a typical giant data center, said Voonami president Ben Bush.

"When you talk about an 80 percent difference in power, it's a big difference," said Bush. "We're paying 80 percent less than the competition."

Utah is host to a number of such centers that sell computing power to other companies, which often find that contracting is less costly and gives them more flexibility.