Lighting Commissioning

Outside agent commissioning has been done for years on other building components such as HVAC systems. When lighting control meant switches and contractors, commissioning lighting control systems was simply not an issue. Considering today’s ever more complex lighting control systems, we must ensure that the controls we have specified function optimally in order to provide our clients with the best possible value.

The actual steps required for proper commissioning will be somewhat different for each type of system, building, and end user type. That said, there are some steps that we can all take that will be help the process.

System design:
During the design process, be very clear about system performance expectations. This information may include items such as time out settings for occupancy sensors, control group schedules, and threshold
light levels for daylight harvesting systems. Include this information in conspicuous locations within the contract documents.

System Programming:
As part of the finish out process on each...