Lighting Controls: Testing Guidelines

Have you ever wondered just what to verify when commissioning a lighting system? This short article is an excellent primer. It doesn't write the tests for you, but it clearly lays out some substantive guidelines to either get you going in the right direction, or to challenge the comprehensiveness of your current approach.

The picture of the building lit up at night reminds me of something I incorporate into any building lighting test that I perform. It's what I call "Night Light Patrol," which includes a tour both inside and outside the building after hours - and after the cleaning people are gone. It's good 'commissioning insurance' that helps make sure the lights really are going OFF at night. Are the only lights ON inside the building the security and egress lights? Are the parking lot lights going OFF on schedule? Is the outdoor photocell keeping outdoor lighting from starting too early? Is Daylight Savings Time being considered on the lighting control time clock?