High Bay Lighting Class

Presented online in a series of two live two-hour time modules, June 24 and October 24, 2010.

It is now possible to achieve substantial savings in high bay settings by replacing energy-wasting standard metal halide, high pressure sodium and mercury vapor lighting with newer technologies. But how do you determine the best option? The choices used to be T8, T5HO, induction, or electronically ballasted pulse-start metal halide. Now there are also additional options, including T8VHO, solid state metal halide, and LED. This program will take you through the pros and cons of each of the established and new technologies for a variety of high bay applications. Controls will also be covered.

The seminar is structured as a simulated contest to determine the "winning" technology for specific high bay applications, assessing one by one the critical component features of each technology. Each attendee will pick an application, such as warehouse, industrial facility, gymnasium, big box retail, auditorium, or cooler/freezer, and judge which technology wins each round, as well as the entire contest.

You'll gain a clearer understanding of how to avoid being misled by manufacturers that are "one trick ponies," how T8s compare with T5HO fluorescents and the importance of thermal testing. You'll leave this program with a more finely tuned factual basis for selecting the best lighting for use in a broad range of high bay settings.

About the class