Greetings from Japan Commissioning Association: BSCA

I recently wrote the Chairman of Japan's Building Services Commissioning Association, Professor Nobuo Nakahara. We are honored that he replied, and enjoyed his encouragement for contact between members of commissioning societies around the world. If you are doing any commissioning work in Japan, please consider contacting Professor Nobuo and conveying your professional greetings and respect... Mark

Dear Mark:

Hello, thanks for your contact. [There is] only one association in Japan who declares that commissioning, or the commissioning process, is the key issue to save construction society and [the] ecological world as well, and exploring how to proliferate the concept [into] actual policy and business in Japan. [Our] explicitly voluntary efforts are supported [by a] limited number of individuals and corporate members who appreciate and favors our activities. It is important to communicate [between] building commissioning societies in the world, as you say. You know that our efforts have been extending to holding [the] APCBC, Asia-Pacific conference on Building Commissioning. I think I have to upgrade the English pages of our homepage.

I wish your efforts extends further for mutual benefit concerning building commissioning.

Nobuo Nakahara
Prof. Emeritus, Nagoya University
Chairman, Building Services Commissioning Association (BSCA)
Nakahara Laboratory, Environmental Syst.-Tech. (NESTEC)
   105-2-11-2 Hou-ou-cho, Chikusaku, Nagoya 464-0057
   Tel/Fax: +81-52-759-1638
BSCA Head ofice,
   906-8-4-1, haruoka, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya 464-0848
   Tel/Fax: +81-52-799-4581

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