Commissioning Meeting Agendas: the Kickoff Meeting

Sample Commissioning Meeting AgendaWhen I first started doing commissioning, I remember showing up at the kickoff meetings with my hefty Commissioning Plans. Some were 60-100 pages or longer, and I recall the glazed eyes of the team that sat gathered around the conference table, leafing through my exceedingly grand creations. It didn't take long to figure out that Commissioning Plans are boring to everyone except the person who writes it - and even that's debatable.

Over the years it has been interesting to see that the "big bore" approach is nearly universal among commissioning providers. Yet scattered in the many Commissioning Plans that are out there, I've seen some hidden gems. So what is it that makes a commissioning meeting more engaging and worthwhile?

After those first few kickoff meetings, I began paying attention to what makes a "hidden gem." In part, it's the things that people are really interested in when they sit down to talk about commissioning planning. Those interests eventually became the subject matter of my kickoff meeting Agendas, and after a while my Commissioning Plans started to mirror the same interests. 

Attached is one of my typical agendas. I am not for a minute suggesting there is anything gem-like about it; it's just one example among the tons of web-based resources that provide commissioning documentation tips and guidelines. The main point is to focus the meetings on things of relevant interest - not just what's interesting to the CxA, but  to the entire team. Oh, and lighten up, use humor, and keep those meetings from being so serious all the time!

Sample Commissioning Agenda

The Controls Integration Meeting