Practical Commissioning: Harvard University

I came across a gem of a sustainability and
commissioning blog
yesterday. It is hosted by
Nathan Gauthier, associate director of the
Office of Sustainability at Harvard.

What I really, really like about what Nathan is
doing is what I'll call "the practicality and
hands-on flavor" of his articles. He walks you
right into the building, and gets your hands
dirty touching the problems that are cropping

His articles include clearly written descriptions of troubleshooting and corrections, along with pictures of commissioning  personnel, meters and more. When it comes to taking you right into the nitty-gritty of commissioning, Nathan is all over it. I hope he keeps the site growing. Check out his article on "Meselson Lab Commissioning" or "Owner's Project  Requirements Charette ," or TAB issues in "Kovac Lab Commissioning." This is really down-to-earth stuff.

You heard it hear first, because Nathan might be the first ever author to pen a book on "Tales from the Front-lines of Commissioning."