Retro-commissioning tool: User’s Guide Energy Charting and Metrics Tool (ECAM)

This tool for energy charting and metrics is intended to facilitate the examiniation of energy information from buildings, reducing the time spent analyzing trend and utility meter data. In addition to being easy-to-use, this tool is also flexible. Key features include the following:


• Data processing to attach schedule and day-type information to time-series data;
• Filtering by day-type, occupancy schedule, binned weather data, month/year, pre/post, etc;
• Normalization of data based on user-entered information;
• Creation of standard charts for the points selected by the user; and
• Calculation of normalized metrics for the points selected by the user.

The user’s original data is not modified in the process of using the tool, but is copied into a new
workbook automatically. The tool makes extensive use of Excel® PivotTables to facilitate
summarization and filtering of the data. It goes beyond normal PivotTables and PivotCharts,
however, by automating the creation of scatter charts based on PivotTable data.

ECAM Guide