Green buildings need green guidelines for tenants

Green Tenant Manuals are beginning to emerge. Here's a quick look at two of them.

Kennedy Associates, a full-service registered real estate investment advisor, has developed a Sustainable Tenant Improvement Manual. The manual is a means to promote sustainable best practices throughout its portfolio. The Sustainable TI Manual provides minimum design standards and construction practices that are required of all TIs, as well as additional recommended sustainable standards to consider, where feasible, when building out office space.

The manual was developed through a collaborative process to provide a framework to enhance the sustainability of all of Kennedy’s real estate investments on behalf of its clients, in support of the organization’s commitment to Responsible Property Investing (“RPI”). RPI considers the environmental and social ramifications of property investment, development, and property operations in addition to financial considerations. 

Creating a High Performance Workplace: Portland’s Green Tenant Improvement Guide
 is an all-in-one resource to help both newcomers and savvy project managers implement a green tenant improvement project from start to finish. 

The guide is packed with practical measures for designing and constructing a workspace that conserves natural resources, saves money and is healthier for employees than conventional buildings. Project managers can choose which measures make sense for their project, so it can be individualized to fit any size or type of tenant improvement. (source)