Federal Commissioning Resource: Operations & Maintenance

Operations and Maintenance

Federal facilities rely on pumps, motors, fans, and other mechanical systems for mission-critical and day-to-day operations. These systems must be maintained and operated correctly to reach their full potential.

Well-executed operations and maintenance (O&M) programs promote energy efficiency and lifecycle performance, which can save Federal agencies 5% to 20% on annual energy bills without significant capital investments. In addition, successful O&M programs can increase safety while improving comfort and health. Because of this, Federal facilities should follow a mantra of O&M First.

This section outlines operations and maintenance programs through the following content categories:

  • Federal Requirements: Details requirements related to operations and maintenance that Federal agencies must meet as outlined by law and executive order.

  • Management Process: Outlines the O&M management process from program design to gaining management support to implementation and measurement.

  • Commissioning: Provides an overview of the commissioning processes, including re-commissioning, retro-commissioning, and continuous commissioning™.

  • Metering: Covers the importance of effective metering at Federal facilities as well as several technology types available to Federal agencies.

  • Computerized Maintenance Management Systems: Covers the evaluation and integration of computerized maintenance management systems within Federal O&M programs.

  • Maintenance Types: Outlines four central types of maintenance; reactive, preventive, predictive, and reliability-centered. Predictive maintenance technologies are also covered.

  • Major Equipment Types: Covers common equipment types used within Federal O&M programs, including information on effective operations and ongoing maintenance.

  • Resources: Publications, sample assessments, training, and related links surrounding Federal operations and maintenance programs and best practices.

  • Contacts: FEMP and U.S. Department of Energy national laboratory contacts focused on operations and maintenance within Federal facilities.

The full FEMP O&M Best Practices Guide is also available for detailed information (PDF 3.3 MB).