IFMA Guide: "Lighting Solutions" for existing buildings

Wondering how to organize and implement a lighting energy savings program? Read a portion of the executive summary of the "Lighting Solutions" guide. A link to the guide is at the end.

There are many factors that drive sustainability. Tenants and occupants are starting to demand greener, cleaner buildings. Legislation is starting to mandate energy efficiency and a curtailment of greenhouse gas emissions. Code requirements dealing with lighting density and light trespass dictate operational sustainability. Corporate directives are manifest in many decisions to go green; senior executives are beginning to realize the cost benefits of sustainable operations and the subsequent increase in building valuation and of being publicly recognized as a good corporate citizen.

Lighting associated with commercial buildings accounts for close to 71 percent of overall lighting electricity used in the United States. It is the largest cost component of a commercial property’s electricity bill and a significant portion of the total energy bill. With good design, lighting energy use in most buildings can be cut at least in half while maintaining or improving lighting quality. Lighting electricity savings equates to an increase in net operating income (NOI) that drives favorable cap rates.

Updating an existing lighting system with the latest technology will make it more energy efficient while
yielding cost savings. The aesthetic quality of a facility’s environment will be enhanced and productivity
increased without sacrificing lighting system performance. A lighting retrofit has the best return on investment (ROI) of any energy-efficient technology with typical payback periods between 14 and 18 months. Once the payback is realized, the savings will continue, creating a sound investment in the future. It must be understood, too, that energy savings should be monitored on a consumption level, not a dollar level. Energy costs fluctuate; the amount of energy saved is the true telling measure. 

"Lighting Solutions" Guide