CABA Report: Bright Green Buildings - Convergence of Green and Intelligent Buildings

This report was issued in 2008 by the non-profit Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA). Funding of the report 220 page report was from a wide variety of industry sources. From the website...
“Bright” green buildings leverage intelligent technologies to support environmental sustainability while providing a significant return on investment (ROI). 

The report features several real-world examples that show how property companies around the world have employed advances in green building and networking technologies to increase profits, lower costs, and help the environment.
From the Executive Summary...
The intent of this research is to provide documented evidence and build tools that can be used to educate and influence end-users, building owners, architects, and contractors that a “greener building” can be achieved using intelligent technology, and will provide a tangible and significant return on investment. This concept – intelligent, green, and profitable – is what we call a bright green building. 

This research identifies the exciting developments taking place on the technology front and analyzes their implications for intelligent and green buildings, highlighting examples of “best in class” buildings employing green and intelligent technologies. These buildings are dynamic environments that respond to their occupants’ changing needs and lifestyles.