Commissioning video: Dry Fork Station (power plant)

Dry Fork Station, currently under construction 7 miles north of Gillette, WY, is a coal-based electric generation power plant owned by Basin Electric Power Cooperative and theWyoming Municipal Power Agency. Sub-bituminous coal from the nearby Dry Fork Mine north of Gillette will fuel Dry Fork Station via a conveyor system approximately one mile in length. The rated capacity of the Dry Fork Station is 422 megawatts (MW); however, the maximum net generation is estimated to be 385 MW. One megawatt of capacity is generally considered to be sufficient electric power for 800 homes, so the Dry Fork Station’s output would theoretically provide enough electricity for 308,000 homes.
During 2009, the Dry Fork Station experienced a peak construction work force of more than 1,300 construction workers from more than 30 states. The job skills required for these positions range from basic labor through the highly technical skills common to large construction projects. To minimize the impact on area housing, Basin Electric contracted with housing providers in Gillette and surrounding communities to provide RV spaces, hotel rooms and apartments for Dry Fork Station workers. After completion of construction, about 80 positions will be required to operate the plant. Basin Electric will operate and maintain Dry Fork Station.