Web-based commissioning

Software based commissioning has been around for a while, typically in use by a minority of commissioning providers and reserved for larger projects. But signs are beginning to emerge that end-users want a more sustainable effort from their commissioning providers, including changing the process itself. These efforts are beginning to drive the market toward web-based commissioning. 

Check out one example of web-based commissioning, a package by Vela Software. What will it do? From their literature...

Commissioning & Handover
• Capture and track details about the status of systems and equipment throughout the commissioning process.
• Include document attachments, photos, mark-ups, sketches and audio recordings.
• Track, filter, and report on equipment by name, status or company.
• Deliver all commissioning documentation to project team members, including checklists, operations and maintenance (O&M) manuals and manufacturer’s warranty information.
• BIM-based handover: Tightly integrate with BIM to provide a “Handover model” that includes key systems and equipment data (e.g., warranty start dates) as well as key documents.
• COBie2 or other file-format based handover: Hand over file-based commissioning information to the owner in a variety of structures and formats, including COBie2 in Microsoft Excel®, .xml or .ifc. 

Vela PDF about this product