Commissioning Lighting Control Systems for Daylighting Applications

The extensive use of daylighting to meet the ambient illumination requirements is nearly always a part of “sustainable” building projects, and effective controls for electric lighting systems are required in order to attain the energy saving benefits of daylighting. 

At the same time, the entire daylighting and electric lighting system must be fully accepted by the occupants in order to reach either the energy or productivity benefits of sustainable design. Daylighting controls are prone to operational deficiencies because their application is both design and site specific, and because the technical capabilities of the systems lag far behind those of typical building automation

Commissioning activities during design, construction, and acceptance phases can ensure that the lighting control systems perform optimally. While the commissioning process for lighting controls is not fundamentally different than that for any other type of system, this paper highlights the unique aspects lighting control commissioning for daylighting design applications.

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