VirtualCx - collaborative, web-based commissioning


We believe that commissioning should have tools that make 'the process' of commissioning easy and readily accessible. Experiencing commissioning on a project should be more like the ease Apple and less like angst of MS-DOS. In other words, it should have a really good user interface; it should impart a positive user experience.

For many people, commissioning is a bit of a black hole. It is often confusing and frustrating for owners, designers and for the contracting team, because its seen as complex and arcane.

Who wouldn't get frustrated when someone in a commissioning meeting asks about a commissioning milestone schedule, and the answer is, "Look in the Commissioning Plan. It was submitted a year ago. You should be able to find it in there somewhere."

One of the core concepts of VirtualCx is a vision we have. It keeps telling us that it's important to improve the user experience, to make the commissioning process cleaner and simpler to perform, deliver, understand and manage. And not just managing by the commissioning authority, but also by the people who are managing the CxA.

The answer is simple:

Increasing transparency

Incorporating participatory collaboration

Deploy easy to use tools

Provide a clean and simple user interface 

And make it web-based.

We strongly believe commissioning should continue to follow its established process of producing a standard set of deliverables that follow industry recognized guidelines. But HOW we get there has never been deeply challenged... until now.

Customer's are demanding a better way.

Virtual or web-based commissioning is a way to manage AND to get an overview of this complex process without getting bogged down by it. We think the way to do that is found on the web. We also believe that the interface or software platform should be so easy to use, that anyone with a minimum of web-browsing experience should be able to easily and conveniently participate.

So stay tuned, as we roll-out the first phase of VirtualCx. We'll be announcing it soon.