Commissioning Fire Protection Systems

The NFPA is currently working to develop a new document, NFPA 3, “Commissioning of Fire Protection Systems.” The scope of the document is to provide guidelines for the commissioning process and requirements for the integrated testing of fire protection and life safety systems. Often, these systems are tested individually without regard to the other, compromising the performance of all systems. The proposed document can be utilized in any building with integrated fire protection and life safety systems that will undergo commissioning. 


NFPA 3 will not require commissioning of any fire protection and life safety systems, but it will serve as a scoping document outlining recommended practices for how to perform these processes. These procedures can be used by design teams to increase efficiency as well as ensure the owner that the building will meet their expectations and the requirements of the applicable codes.

Currently, code officials can require integrated testing and commissioning, but no specific procedures exist for project teams to follow. The establishment of a recommended procedure would provide code officials with a specific document to reference for any project within their jurisdiction containing integrated fire protection and life safety systems.