Cx 2.0

Recently we coined a term, Cx 2.0, that helps describe the focus of our business - web-centric commissioning. What is Cx 2.0? Well, it's something far bigger than our modest, little business.
  • Cx 2.0 focuses on the user experience. It suggests that Cx 1.0, the model that has brought us to where we are today, needs to have an improved user interface.
  • Cx 2.0 engages people in a way that doesn't just say they are a part of the commissioning team - it genuinely makes them a true team member.
  • Cx 2.0 realizes that people work, think and live in ways that are becoming increasingly paperless and increasingly focused on cloud computing.
  • Cx 2.0 states that commissioning is a collaborative experience, and that a web-based commissioning site should be available for all commissioning documentation and all commissioning activities.
  • Cx 2.0 requires all commissioning activities to improve their sustainable footprint
  • Cx 2.0 provides the owner with an easy, at-a-glance way to manage the commissioning process, even if they have no commissioning experience.
  • Cx 2.0 insists on an easy-to-use dashboard, a navigation tool to easily find a document or the status of an issue - all in one place
  • Cx 2.0 provides a website that utilizes navigation tabs, with a clear and simple layout that can readily be used by anyone, regardless of experience
  • Cx 2.0 provides a search tool, that allows any part of the commissioning process or documentation to be instantly found
  • Cx 2.0 is a cloud-based set of tools
  • Cx 2.0 allows unlimited users, utilizing the widest variety of tools (smartphones, laptops, tablet PCs, iPads, etc.) to access and carryout the mission of commissioning