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iPad For Business

Do you use your iPad for business?  If so then you have come to the right place.  Here we provide information and resources just for you.  This page will be updated often so check back to see what is new.  Also, be sure to check out our frequently updated popular ipads and accessories list to see the most popular and highest rated gear.

On this page we will be covering business apps you will want to know about, accessory reviews, showing you how to make the most of your iPad in business and most of all providing resources and information on how to make sure your iPad is helping you be productive.

The iPad is not just an expensive toy, rather, it is a device that can be used in multiple ways thanks to more than 16,000 (and growing) apps.  The business and productivity apps alone are in the thousands.  You can use it as a project manager, time keeper, scheduler, connect to cloud services, sales tool, and just about anything else  you can imagine.  There are ways to use the iPad to print, do presentations, write, share information, and impress clients.

If you have any unique or useful ways you are using the iPad as your business tool of choice, let us know.  And check back here often as we will be adding to this page very frequently.

Using an iPad vs A Laptop


  • Longer lasting battery
  • Lighter, easier to carry
  • Much cheaper software costs
  • More quiet
  • No moving parts


  • Easier to type on a Laptop keyboard
  • Laptop can run full versions of software
  • Can use a mouse
  • More powerful overall

How The iPad Is Useful For Business

  • Keep track of your busy schedule
  • Keep track of tasks/project management
  • Take notes and share them with others
  • Give presentations
  • Keep in touch with Email and Social Networking (Twitter/Facebook)
  • Write reports
  • Read books
  • Enjoy movies and music (for some downtime)
  • Extend your business knowledge
  • Remote Desktop Into Work
  • Carry less around
  • Specialized business apps for special functions

Here are some ways you can use the iPad for business:


VirtualCx Notes: We have previously mentioned that we are transforming our business to be more productive. As a virtual set of offices, one thing that we are doing is investing heavily in cloud software and services.

We are also investing in iPads. Our take so far? They are an amazing tool for commissioning. Lightweight and flexible with a killer battery, we are using iPads to:

- access and manage our online project management site at www.virtualcxteam.com
- access and manage our Backpack site, for internal staff coordination http://backpackit.com/
- nearly all of our email tasks are being done on either the iPad or smartphones
- and much more

So, here's a short article on using an iPad for Business.