Cloud Commissioning

Commissioning is moving closer and closer to the world of cloud computing. With increasing pressure to lower costs and simultaneously maintain or improve quality, commissioning providers are realizing it's no longer business as usual.

It seems the delayed flywheel effect of the Great Recession has finally caught up to the commissioning community.

Since many of our clients are commissioning providers, we're in a somewhat unique position to see them trying out new approaches. And clouds are on the horizon.

Virtual Commissioning Initiatives

But we need not look any farther than our own business to make the point.

Our firm has always been a 100% remote work or virtual office. We believe that to supply superior value to our customers, we must constantly seek to incorporate practices that lower costs and increase quality. The key notion is striving for constant improvement, even if the improvement is small.

Our initiatives have ranged from subtle to significant, but each of them impacts us daily. They include:

  • Running all of our projects on the web, using Basecamp project management software; 
  • Deployment of cloud-based commissioning-specific software;
  • Increased use of web-based meetings and virtual education;
  • Paperless practices;
  • Green purchasing decisions;
  • Relocating our California home-based office to a quieter, more natural setting, with increased daylighting, and with a compass orientation that is saving us significantly on cooling costs;
  • Studying and then implementing improved space utilization;
  • Water purification
  • We're preparing to deploy a powerful contact relationship management (CRM) tool using Batchbook

Our criteria for software tools is the same as our goals for our own products...

Simple and intuitive to use

Have a clean and crisp look and feel

Be fun and easy to use

Actually make life or make work better

Resources for employers

  • Network World Telework Beat
  • Telework Site: US government site with information for employees who think they might like to telework (or are already doing so), for managers and supervisors who supervise teleworkers, and for agency telework coordinators.
  • Telework Advisory Group of WorldAtWork: The telework arm of WorldatWork, an association of human resource professionals from FORTUNE 500 and other leading organizations worldwide focused on attracting, motivating and retaining employees.
  • Telework Consortium: Assists public agencies and private companies to plan and implement robust telework and distributed work programs.

Resources for employees

  • Web Worker Daily: Offers practical tips and advice for anyone who uses the web for work, especially those who want to use the web to be more productive, more connected and more successful than they could otherwise.
  • Merlin Mann’s family of websites about stuff like personal productivity, life hacks, and simple ways to make your life a little better.
  • Chief Home Office: All the stuff that makes home offices work.
  • Life Hacker: Tech tricks, tips and downloads for getting things done.

--- Hats off to BatchBook for the Resource links.