Free commissioning website: collaborative, cloud-based Cx project management - called VirtualCx


We are thrilled to announce an exciting new service of Virtual Commissioning called VirtuaCx. It's part of our concept of making Cx 2.0 real.

Our first phase of VirtualCx is a very cool release, because it offers you a great opportunity to get a free collaborative commissioning website. Want to put Cx 2.0 to work? Then give your customers the added value of a VirtualCx website.

We make it easy - if you give us work, we give you a free, fully-featured, unrestricted, highly robust commissioning website.

Here's what you get with VirtualCx:

  • Fully set-up for commissioning
  • Customized for your project, including your company logo
  • Easy-to-use Dashboard, tab driven
  • Unlimited users, allowing genuine collaboration
  • Milestones and Tasks
  • Online Issues Log - fully sortable, assign multiple people, can show percent completion
  • Customized commissioning folders for unlimited files
  • Message center for updates, communication, notes and more
  • Individual passwords; user permission levels
  • Cx Deliverables Checklist - easy for the Owner to see "what's next"
  • Fast uploads - easy to pass documents back and forth
  • Compatible with laptops, PC's, tablet-PCs and iPad
  • Tier 4 data center hosting - highly secure
  • Cloud-based, 99.995% reliable, redundant servers, twice daily backups
  • Free, for up to one year following Substantial Completion

Did we say FREE? Get your VirtualCx website today! We offer no obligation site tours. Just contact us.

WHAT IF I WANT to use my own favorite commissioning provider, but still want VirtualCx on our project? No problem. Our monthly fees are very affordable.