Cx 2.0 - Improving the user experience of commissioning

VirtualCx is a clean and simple web-based approach to commissioning. It's about creating a user-friendly interface that we call Cx 2.0. 

Cx 2.0 places a fresh focus on the user experience. For many people, commissioning and its activities are a 'black box' that often remains a frustrating mystery to everyone except the commissioning provider. 

We think it's time for a change. 

VirtualCx is designed to work on the majority of commissioning projects. It’s small enough for a small project and a one man team, yet flexible enough to handle medium and large projects requiring large teams and unlimited users. 


FREE to all of our customers

  • Easy-to-Use Dashboard
  • Milestones & Tasks
  • Track Issues
  • Assign Tasks to Multiple Users
  • Print Reports to PDF or Excel
  • Message Center
  • Notebook
  • Unlimited Users
  • File Sharing
  • Customized, Uses Your Logo