Best Smartphone for the Building Commissioning business


Short Answer: It depends on what you like.

My Solution: iPhone. Read on for why.

My Conversion

As a long time Blackberry user, I am making the switch to the Verizon iPhone. I’ve had a lot of smart phones and Pocket PCs over the years. One of the clumsiest aspects of all of these devices has been a way to sync emails, appointments and contact names effortlessly. It can be done, but sometimes the path to get there has left me bruised and frustrated on the side of the trail.

Once I bought my iPad, I became an instant convert to Apple products. With its astonishing ease of use, and its inexpensive and effortless software uploads and deployments, I was pretty much blown away. I immediately began considering the iPhone.

Calendars and Contacts

Since we use Gmail/Google for our email, coordinating email between all of our devices is easy. An iPad app called Pocket Informant HD retrieves my Google calendar updates, so that takes care of my laptop and iPad being in sync. But my Blackberry is left out of calendar syncing, and so I have to perform duplicate entries to keep my smart phone up-to-date. And my contact lists in my Blackberry are different than what is in my email accounts.


There's another reason for the iPhone IV: blogging and its camera. We do a lot of blogging about commissioning. I've always wanted to do more 'real time' reporting from the field, including taking pictures or videos of actual issues, and writing articles on-the-fly. For years there have been ways to post to a blog from a phone, but they always seemed a bit clunky. The iPhone's camera quality and iPhone apps make it a cinch. 


Because of its ability to easily sync across devices, combined with ease of use and powerful, inexpensive software, I am making the switch to the iPhone.Blogging can be done in real time. Calendars, emails and contacts will all be coordinated. Technology will finally serve me; I'll be more efficient. At last.