iPad - using it in the building commissioning business


Scale of 1 to 5: 5+ Stars

Last year we bought two, then three iPads for our small business. That's a fairly substantial thing to do, especially when we also have to provide laptops, smart phones, tools, meters, good food and all the other goodies that make a delightful commissioning person. 

So, how's it working out? Great, actually. Depending on what we are doing on a given day, it's easy for the iPad to be our go-to resource 80% of the time. When I travel, it's with the iPad. Aside from phone calls, if I have a choice between iPad, smart phone or laptop - the iPad wins every time.

We also use it for field work, including field testing, site inspections, system verification checklists, meeting notes, daily reports and more.

Fast Test Results

The test procedure shown below was written in Word, but filled out in the field on an iPad. The executed test was uploaded to the VirtualCxTeam website the same day, and has been available for the entire team to view since the day of the test. Compare this with waiting months to get a final Cx report - long after occupancy - because that's how long it often takes before anyone typically sees an executed test procedure: months.