Cx 2.0 – it’s really about having an elevated mind-set

Tired of being tired? Got too much to do? Well, that’s the world of commissioning. Or is it?

One day I woke up and said, “Man, I sure am tired of living this way!”

I got inspired, and decided it was time to change lanes. That’s what Cx 2.0 is about - a new highway.

Cx 2.0 is all about lowering stress, getting more done with less effort, and increasing profitability. And that’s why we recommend moving your commissioning activities to the cloud. Because we have found that once you get over the initial hump of sorting your way through becoming a cloud-based company, things get easier – sometimes dramatically so.

Now, here’s the secret about why that happens – you experience a mind-set change. For example, I had always been taught that no one can close out a commissioning issue except the commissioning authority. My teachers were firm - there would be severe consequences if I touched sacred objects. So, I never questioned it. Until…

...Once we first rolled out the VirtualCxTeam project management website, I found myself staring at an online Issues Log. There it was, all organized, feature rich, easy to use, convenient. Something in me just clicked: why not let people close out their own issues?

It was so clear to see. Do you know how much time we are saving by making just that one, single adjustment? And how much more empowered everyone else is, now that they are trusted to close their own issues? And how great it is to have instant Issues Log updates? That anyone can see? At anytime?

I treasure the concept that ‘moving to the cloud’ represents. Because it clearly provides a higher perspective, an ability to view things from the 25000’ level. It's moving from green to blue. And anyone can benefit from a better perspective. I know I have. My blood pressure is lower by 15  to 20 points. Heck, my resting pulse rate has fallen from 85 to 58. We've done other things that are contributing to that. But add them all up, and I think Cx 2.0 is something to deeply consider.