Otter Box case for iPad shown at CES: Could be ideal for commissioning

VirtualCx: I can definitely see using this with my iPad doing field testing, site observation reports and more. Click through to see the mock-up shown at CES.

From Popular Mechanics...
The details are sparse on this rugged case (it's expected to be released in March), but the picture is worth a thousand specs. More sling than case, stitched webbing wraps around the iPad to hold it snug. The case can be carried by a variety of shoulder straps, a neck strap (for, ostensibly, typing while walking) a handle, affixed to a headrest, or, like most cases, tucked under the arm like a book (see illustration below for all six variations). The design is simple, rugged and it made us think: Maybe I can take my iPad on a backpacking trip? Getting cozy in a tent and watching a movie from the top of a mountain could be enjoyable. The price: Around $50.