Smart Building Technician Course, Level 1

VirtualCx Provides the Course's Commissioning Module

San Diego - In the fall of 2012, Virtual Commissioning participated in the nation's first Smart Building Technician course, held at Southwestern Community College. 


The course was designed to provide architectural students with a deeper glimpse into the complexity of buildings, both in terms of how technology is playing an ever-increasing role and including the need for highly specialized skills to tie all the various aspects of technology together. The focus was on sustainable, energy-efficient buildings.

Dan Hendrickson, 75, a local sustainability expert attending the class, found the amount of information so amazing he referred to it as “drinking from a fire hose.”

Elan Sorrell is 24 years old and a recent graduate of UC Berkeley with a degree in architecture and a minor in sustainable design. He’s a Chula Vista native who did his prerequisites at SWC before going to Berkeley. He enrolled in this class because even after being at the UC, he noted, “I thought I was missing something. One of the things I was interested in was building modeling.” He had never heard of Onuma or BIM (Building Information Model) Storms while he was at Berkeley.  “I hope to get more involved in the BIM Storm process, I’d love to do more of that,” Sorrell said. “I had the degree, but I didn’t have practical architectural knowledge. I have to keep updating my knowledge.”

The course was made possible through a grant to UnitedGREEN from the local utility company, SDG&E, and arranged by Heartland Coalition board member Chuck BrandsHead instructors were Kimon Onuma, Mike Lavelle and Mark Walter. VirtualCx Sr. VP of Engineering, Peter Lloyd, coordinated the technical aspects of the program.

Source: Local Article