What is Virtual Commissioning?
virtualcx: Cloud-based commissioning services, including VirtualCx - a collaborative project management environment for commissioning. All Cx-related documents in one place, including an online issues Log. Simple, intuitive, requiring little to no training. Works with iPads, laptops, PCs and tablets.

cx 2.0: We developed the term that defines moving from paper to a cloud-based commissioning environment. We are trained and certified commissioning professionals, and we know what works. Cloud-based commissioning and asset management tools work - but only if they are simple and easy to use.

virtual building browser: Changes the way building information is accessed and managed - from design, through construction, and into operations and maintenance. Your facility's data belongs to you. You should be able to access it easily, and use or share it in whatever way you choose. It's yours. -  Mobile friendly, XML database, Open Standard, COBie compatible - 'instant' access... from anywhere.


In development (patent pending). Virtual Building Browser is cloud-based software designed to help facility managers operate and maintain their buildings. Features include:

  • Virtual tours of the building, showing what is hidden above ceilings and behind walls
  • Instant access to archived and real-time building information
  • Simple and intuitive interfaces
  • Seamless scalability
  • COBie compatible
  • Powerful asset management tools

 Find out more at our affliated software firm, Goat Tree Labs.


 VirtualCx software is rapidly being adopted. Users include...