2600 Marine Way Project
Mountain View, California



Project Summary

In a project intended to "make Mountain View a better place," Intuit proposes a pair of four-story buildings at 2600 Marine Way with living roofs, solar panels and architectures. The project aims to have only 45 percent of employees driving alone to a pair of parking garages, one that's three levels and the other six levels (though only slightly higher than the four-story offices because of solar panels on the top level). Half of the project's power would be generated on site and it would eventually produce zero waste.

The proposed buildings are nearly equal in size and total 369,000 square feet, replacing eight buildings that total 108,000 square feet and making room for 1,300 new employees to add to the 1,900 employees the tax accounting software company has now in Mountain View. An adjacent Intuit campus will remain.

Sustainability Goal: LEED Platinum from the United States Green Building Council. 

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Virtual Commissioning
 was the first firm in the United States to receive the CBCF Certified Building Commissioning Firm certification.




Commissioning Summary

New Systems

  • HVAC
  • Lighting Control
  • Solar/Photovoltaic
  • Co-Generation
  • Domestic Hot Water
  • Green Roof

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serves as the project's cloud-based site for managing the commissioning process. Highly transparent and intuitive, VirtualCx allows unlimited users - including the owner, design and construction teams. Users can review - and close - their own issues. Team members are also able to manage and upload their own commissioning-related documents.

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